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Project team


The Small Firm Diaries is led by the Financial Access Initiative (FAI). FAI is a research center housed at NYU Wagner focused on how financial services can better meet the needs and improve the lives of poor households around the world. With partners, FAI produced the Portfolios of the Poor and the US Financial Diaries projects. These groundbreaking studies reshaped the financial inclusion field, illuminating volatility as a central issue for low-income households around the world.


Jonathan Morduch (Global)
FAI, NYU Wagner

Timothy Ogden

FAI, NYU Wagner 

Luz Salas Bahamón (Colombia)
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF)

Ryan Edwards (Fiji)
Australian National University
Amrik Heyer (Kenya)
FSD Kenya

Julia Cajal (Uganda)
The Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID)

Emma Riley
University of Michigan

Owen Sseremba (Uganda)

Makerere University
Lore Vandewalle (Uganda)
The Geneva Graduate Institute (
Chris Woodruff (Uganda)
Oxford University


Research Implementation

Three organizations manage the in-country implementation of Small Firm Diaries field research, bringing methods, experience, and findings from many previous diaries studies.

(L-IFT) specializes in financial diaries research to support evidence-based policymaking. They work
with microfinance and other organizations to develop products and services based on financial diaries.
L-IFT has conducted diaries research in over 10 countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

(MFO) is a global non-profit committed to understanding the financial realities of low-income households. They work with financial service providers, policy makers,
and mobile money operators to connect service offerings to the realities of the unbanked or underserved.

EDI Global, based in East Africa, has a global reputation for quality survey design and data collection services aimed at assessing international development program impacts, measuring results, and evaluating potential solutions to global poverty.

& Learning

A network of local engagement partners collaborates closely with researchers to deepen the team’s understanding of local context and ensure the research has local relevance.


Lagos Business School, Enterprise Development Centre
MSC Indonesia

Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Universidad del Norte, Colombia


Local Partners

Advisory Board

Members of our advisory board with expertise in research, policy, financial services, and business support programs help translate findings to impact.

Paddy Carter
Director of Research and Policy, British International Investment

Tamara Cook

CEO, FSD-Kenya

Morgan Hardy
Professor of Economics, NYU Abu Dhabi
Leora Klapper
Lead Economist, World Bank and founder of the Global Findex
David McKenzie
Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

Minerva Kotei

Financial Sector Specialist, IFC and SME Finance Forum

Juan Navarette
Vice President of Business and Partnerships Development, Fundación Capital

David del Ser
Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, BFA Global

Juan Carlos Thomas
Global Entrepreneurship Director, TechnoServe

Sandra Uwera
Global CEO, Fairtrade International

Chris Wheat

Managing Director · Co President, JPMorgan Chase Institute

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