A global research initiative providing insight into the financial lives of small firms

Small firms

are an essential source of livelihood—globally, they provide jobs, goods, and services to billions of people working hard to make ends meet.


Understanding small firms is key to designing policies, financial services, and tools that help these businesses—and their communities—thrive.

Financial diaries

While most research studies produce static snapshots of a single point in time, financial diaries create dynamic and nuanced portraits using a combination of methods.


We aim to understand small firms by listening closely to how firm owners and workers make choices, on their own terms.

Global reach

The small firm diaries is a multi-country study that will collect high-frequency, quantitative, and qualitative data across seven countries in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.



Led by the Financial Access Initiative, the small firm diaries is a collaboration with a network of local partners in each country, data collection experts, and field-leading researchers.



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